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24 March 2016

Make a Splash!

On the 24th March 2016 we held a sponsored walk to raise money for the women and girls who spend an average of 140 hours a day collecting water. The Key Stage 1 children were asked to do 5 laps of the playground around the perimeter of the school (we were going to do the felds as well, but the weather was bad and children would have gotten too dirty). The Key Stage 2 children were asked to do 10 laps of the playground. The children were guided by the charity group of the school, Mini Vinnies. These children organised the event and the route with the help of Mrs Martin, the organiser of the group. All the children completed the challenge and walked with a bottle of water to represent the women and girls that carry the water. By Barney Coxon

By Louise Mahon, 24 March 2016 – 0 comments

02 March 2016

Celebrating Reading: Year 6 and Reception

Caption: Space!

Caption: What's that Dinosaur Doing!

Caption: More Aliens in Underpants!

Caption: Even Kasra's teddy was enjoying the story!

Caption: What will he say I wonder...?

Caption: What's happening now?!

Caption: Did Peppa find that Easter Egg and Did you find Wally?!

What a wonderful morning we enjoyed today!  Miss Mahon and Mrs Ritchie did not want it to end!  A lovely, nurtring class of Year 6 children collected their Reception Class friends and took them back to the Year 6 classroom.  Resplendent in cosy pyjamas the Year 6 children read to their little friends.   How wonderful that our children, young and older, clearly love to read.  And how even more wonderfully amazing that all of the children, without exception, utterly enjoyed each other's company.  Well done Year Reception for being brave and visiting Year 6.  Well done Year 6 for being such supportive and caring mentors. We were all feeling rather proud.

By Louise Mahon, 02 March 2016 – 0 comments

27 November 2015

'Bright Sparks'

Year 6 were 'Bright Sparks' for the day on Monday. They enjoyed a specialist workshop delivered by STEM Cumbria as part of their Science topic, Electricity. They learned how electricity is generated, what symbols are needed to draw a circuit, how to be an electrical engineer and how different types of circuits can be built. This enrichment opportunity was much enjoyed by Year 6. They will be developing their learning further in class by becoming ambassadors of renewable energy; debating the pros and cons of fossil fuels versus green energy

By Samantha Smyth, 27 November 2015 – 0 comments

04 October 2015

New Roles for our Year 6 Pupils

The children in Year 6 presented their election speeches on Thursday.  16 children sought election for a number of important roles, including Head Boy and Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Girl and House Captains.   Without exception, each child impressed, not just the remainder of their peers from whom they were seeking election, but also the teaching staff, many of whom stopped me to express their admiration for the children's public speaking skills.

A common feature of the children's speeches was the importance of being a role model to the younger children in our school. Many also went on to explain how the need to be a good listener was an important charactersitc.  Our children in Year 6 have a wonderful empathy for the younger children around them, and clearly put others' needs first.  

Well done Year 6.


By Louise Mahon, 04 October 2015 – 1 comments


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