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By Samantha Smyth, 29 February 2016 – 12 comments

Year 4 had a wonderful time visiting the archives this morning.  We found out lots of information about Tudor times in Kendal when the plague was around.  We looked at documents from the time showing who died and where they lived.  We looked at their writing style and even had a go with a quill and pen ourselves.  The strong room was full to the brim with old documents and maps which were fascinating.  It was well worth winning the attendance reward. 


  • shayne & Lorissia-mae

    02 March 2016, 1.34pm

    It was a very exiting day for us we enjoyed it very much :):):)

  • Leah+ Elise

    02 March 2016, 1.37pm

    I enjoyed the bit where we went into the little room (the strong room) and when we wrote with the Quill. (Leah).

    I liked it when we went in a room with lots of boxes with blue print in it. (Elise).

  • shayne & Lorissia-mae

    02 March 2016, 1.38pm

    It was a very exiting day for us we enjoyed it very much :) :) :) We did writing with a quill although it was very messy . We enjoyed it when we dressed Nico up as a doctor from Tudor times.

  • Anna and Martins

    02 March 2016, 1.39pm

    It was a brilliant day and we really enjoyed it! We got to learn about the black death! Thank you Margret for giving up your time we really enjoyed it and we loved it! It was excellent. We loved writing with the quills but we did get a bit of ink every where! We like the archives office. Thank you !

  • Casey+Ava

    02 March 2016, 1.40pm

    We think it was really fun and we were very lucky to be going on a school trip to the archives office, Ava.

    it was really cool, Casey.

    I enjoyed going into the strong room and looking at evidence, Ava.

    It was hard read the Tudor handwriting, Casey.

  • Rebecca , Johnny & Daniel

    02 March 2016, 1.40pm

    The trip was epic!!! We had so much fun we learnt a LOT. We now know that the black death was during Tudor times and that half of the people in Kendal died because of it.

  • Conor And Joseph

    02 March 2016, 1.41pm

    The trip was very nice. Our favorite part was when we did Tudor handwriting and looking at the old records.

  • Giulio and Christian

    02 March 2016, 1.41pm

    The website is good because everybody can see the school and they can come. And you can see all the children and all the trips that the classes go to like the trip to the Archives, Christian enjoyed going to the Archives and watching one of our class mates dress up.

  • Jude and Nico

    02 March 2016, 1.42pm

    Nico: It was very cool in the archives.

    Jude: I liked the staff that helped us to learn.

    Nico: It's funny to dress up as a Tudor doctor ha.

    Jude: I liked doing my name in Tudor hand writing and the files they were really old.

  • Dominika and Benjamin

    02 March 2016, 1.43pm

    Hi its us from year 4!!

    The trip was great! We had lost of fun. It was funny when Nico dressed up as a Doctor. The lady was really nice.

    We found the handwriting really hard.

  • David and Thomas

    02 March 2016, 1.43pm

    I enjoyed learning the Tudor alphabet and writing are names with Quills. David

    I liked the big safe down the stairs because it's a very good place to keep precious stuff inside to stop fires from burning it. ( Thomas)

  • Sadie and Louis

    02 March 2016, 1.44pm

    Hi it's people from this school in year 4. A few weeks ago we were there ones who won the attendance award. We liked going to the archive office we got to write in quill pens and got to look around the strong room.

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