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Blog: Year 4 Blog

29 February 2016

Archives Visit

Year 4 had a wonderful time visiting the archives this morning.  We found out lots of information about Tudor times in Kendal when the plague was around.  We looked at documents from the time showing who died and where they lived.  We looked at their writing style and even had a go with a quill and pen ourselves.  The strong room was full to the brim with old documents and maps which were fascinating.  It was well worth winning the attendance reward. 

By Samantha Smyth, 29 February 2016 – 12 comments

08 February 2016

Rocket Science

Year 4 found out this week that they are going to be taking part in the Rocket Science experiment started by Tim Peake.  We will be growing seeds which have been kept on Earth and some which have been orbiting the Earth on the ISS. We won't know which ones are which so it will be exciting if there is any difference.  Year 4 can't wait to do their bit to help the human race move further into space!

By Janet Thorn, 08 February 2016 – 0 comments

24 January 2016

Boxes of Hope

The children receive their gifts.

Caption: The children in Romania receiving our gifts.

We received a lovely thank you letter this week from the people who have organised the boxes of hope campaign.  Our boxes have now all been delivered to the children in Romania.  It is so lovely that our children are happy to think of someone else who has less than they have.  

By Janet Thorn, 24 January 2016 – 0 comments

06 January 2016

Our CAFOD Gifts have arrived.

Last term we had our Christmas enterprise fair.  The whole class worked hard to create items to sell at the fair.  All of the funds raised have been used to buy gifts through CAFOD.  We chose to buy a family a goat and some vaccinations for chickens.  How lovely it has been to give a gist that will keep on giving!

By Janet Thorn, 06 January 2016 – 0 comments

10 November 2015

Genealogist Lynne comes to visit.

Proudly showing off his research and great grandad's medals. Proudly showing off his research and great grandad's medals. Lynne and Nicki. Sharing our research with Lynne. Lynne was impressed with our research. Some of our research.

Year 4 have been learning all about World War Two this term.  They have also been doing their own family research into their own families experiences at this time.  This afternoon Lynne from our parish came to talk to the children about rationing, blackouts and what we have discovered.  The buzz in the classroom was amazing as the children shared their research, photos and documents.  Thank you to Lynne for coming in and Nicki (from Kendal Windows on Art) for arranging our session. 

By Janet Thorn, 10 November 2015 – 0 comments


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