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"Last week in Year 3..."

04 November 2016

The Anglo-Saxons

Our handmade Anglo-Saxon village

To round off our Anglo-Saxon History topic from last half term and to share our learning with people at home, over the half term holidays we were set the challenge of showing our learning about Anglo-Saxon villages and homes in a creative way. We could make a model, do a powerpoint, make a fact sheet or create a speech. Take a look at some of our amazing work. A big thank you to all of our people at home for their help with this, what a fantastic way to finish our unit of work!

By Stacey Hodgson, 04 November 2016 – 0 comments

03 November 2016

Ali B vs the Universe

On Tuesday afternoon we had a very special visitor in Year 3. Scotty, one of our governors, one of our daddy's and an author, came into school to share his book 'Ali B Vs. the Universe' with us. We each took it in turn to read a paragraph and then joined in with some fun PE activities linked to the story, we even got to score some goals against Scotty!. In class now we are all busy writing Ali B part 2 and her next adventure, Ali is in for some fun with our stories and may even star in a Christmas special! Thank you Scotty for a fantastic afternoon, we all had great fun.

By Stacey Hodgson, 03 November 2016 – 0 comments

21 October 2016

The Handmade Herd

Our Handmade Herd

In Year 3 we have taken part in the Handmade Herd project. We were very lucky to have two visitors from Lakeland Arts spend the morning with us to create sheep from wool, wire, newspaper and googly eyes. These special sheep went towards raising awareness of the benefits of creative experiences for those living with dementia as well as raising money for the ‘In the Moment’ group. After our workshop we continued with our sheep making and made 22 lambs, we took these lambs along to the Space2Create centre and met some of the group. We shared our great sheep making knowledge, had a chat and sang a song with the ‘In the Moment’ group before heading back to school. Some of us then went along to Kendal’s Wool Gathering in the holidays and adopted a sheep!

By Stacey Hodgson, 21 October 2016 – 0 comments

27 May 2016

Cave Drawing...

As part of our History unit of work on the Stone Age to Iron Age, this week had a look at cave paintings and drawings. After we explored photographs and learned how people in the Stone Age created paint, we closed the blinds and turned off all the lights to make our classroom as dark as possible. We then each got a piece of brown paper and had a go at our very own cave paintings under the tables, just like we were in a real cave. We created some wonderful cave drawings and had a very enjoyable afternoon. 

By Stacey Hodgson, 27 May 2016 – 0 comments

17 May 2016

Blooming in Dementia - Our visit to Space2Create

Caption: Our beautiful flowers....

Caption: Ready to go...

Attaching our flowers....

Following our creative workshop with Anne-Marie from Lakeland Arts, we had the opportunity to visit the Space2Create centre to attach our flowers and meet some of the 'In the Moment' group.

On Friday afternoon, we walked down by the river to the Space2Create centre where we were greeted by the group members. We presented the felt flower garland that we had made as a class and our sponsor money - we got a great big round of applause! We then shared our individual flowers, chatted to the group members about how we had made them before taking our flowers outside and attaching them to the display. We had a great afternoon.

We have since received some lovely feedback about how inspirational we were and thanking us for sharing our creativity and energy. We can't wait to get involved in the next project.

The 'In the Moment' group are holding an open day on Saturday 28th May for our families and friends to pop in and see what we have made and have a go at a little bit of felt making.

Thank you to our families and friends for our sponsorships and our helpers on Friday.

By Stacey Hodgson, 17 May 2016 – 0 comments


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