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Blog: Year 2 Blog

11 March 2019

Minibeast Hunting

Caption: Which minibeast would live in a house like this?

Caption: Exploring the new forest schools area.

Today Year 2 had a fabulous time exploring our new forest schools area.  They hunted around to see what insects they could find and were delighted when they found worms, snails, lady birds, slugs and even the odd woodlouse.  We then made use of all the natural materials to create bug houses for any creepy crawlies looking for a new place to live. 

By Janet Thorn, 11 March 2019 – 0 comments

24 April 2018

WW1 Centenary for Kendal In Bloom

Year 2 have made a start on finding out about the vegetables that people were encouraged to grow during WW1.  While we are waiting for the seeds we have planted in the allotment to grow we are having a go at creating poppies.  This afternoon we had a go at crocheting poppies.  It turns out this is very tricky so we will have another go next week.  Thank you to Mrs Camilleri for being so patient with us.

By Janet Thorn, 24 April 2018 – 0 comments

31 January 2018

3D Shapes

3D Shapes

In year 2 we have realised that we love learning about 3D shapes!  This week we have been learning quite alot.  We now know the names of lots of different shapes, that a cube only has squares on it and what the words faces, edges and vertices mean.  

By Janet Thorn, 31 January 2018 – 0 comments

05 December 2017

Boxes of Hope

Having been packed into trucks and  driven all the way to Romania the boxes of hope are now being delivered.  Thank you to everyone te everyone for your kind donations.  It is so wonderful that our children are thinking about other children less fortunate than themselves. 

By Janet Thorn, 05 December 2017 – 0 comments

08 December 2016

Boxes of Hope

Children receiving their boxes. Children opening their boxes.

A few weeks ago we put together a number of Boxes of Hope for children in Romania.  Today we found out that they have arrived.  It is great that at this time of Advent our children can think about those less fortunate than themselves.

By Janet Thorn, 08 December 2016 – 0 comments

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