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Helen Skelton Visit

By James Duffin, 08 October 2015 – 0 comment
Year 5 class with Helen Skelton

Caption: 1,2, 3 Amy Wild

Wednesday 7th October the Year 5 were invited by Kirkbie Kendal School to listen to Helen Skelton talk about her new children’s book, Amy Wild: Amazon Summer. They were then given the opportunity to ask Helen questions about her trip, being on blue peter, writing her book and being a celebrity. After the talk the children were very excited as they got to have their books signed by Helen!! Whilst getting their books signed the deputy head from Kirkbie Kendal School asked if we could have a picture with Helen, it was an oppurtunity they couldn't refuse!

"Your children were a pleasure to have with us - they were very patient when we were waiting for the book signing. I hope they enjoyed the talk and that they enjoy the book. Helen's next book is based around her Antarctica adventures and if we get the opportunity we will get her back in to talk about this as well. Any excuse to hear and see about these places. We will make sure you are invited."

Mr Harris  Deputy Head Teacher  Kirkbie Kendal

Today we went to meet a lady called Helen Skelton and she talked about the new book she wrote. She told us that in 2011 she travelled in a kayak across the Amazon River for sport relief and she also bicycled all the way to the South Pole. She kayaked 2018 miles. This is what her book is about, her in South America. She said that she had seen lots of animals like: Pink River dolphins, a black and orange tarantula, monkeys and a baby looking crocodiles. And this is what the book is based on.

Going to see Helen Skelton was a truly inspirational trip, she told us about her amazing journey in the amazon and we even got a signed copy of her book! The trip was good; I liked the bit when she said she saw pink dolphins. I liked how her book is based on herself. The book is a fictional book based on her trip. I liked the starting point because she went canoeing. I liked the video because it was showing what she did. I also liked the video because it was very emotional, she was very entertaining. Helen canoed 2018 miles across the amazon rainforest. She has also done other journeys including the time where she cycled to the North Pole through the other countries. Helen Skelton was a Blue peter presenter from 2008 – 2014. The book is based on a girl called Amy Wild and she has an annoying brother called Gavin. You should read the book I hope you enjoy it!

It was quite good to get out of school to listen to Helen Skelton tell us about her trip in the amazon river. I also liked that we got to find out how Helen Skelton got her ideas for her book. It is called Amy Wild. It was quite interesting that we got to see her because she was on blue peter and has been on a lot of adventures. She had lots of interesting photos to show us.


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