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Faith at Dean Gibson

Every child, every person, has been given great gifts. As a faith school we believe that those are given by God, but we are very aware that not everyone shares that belief.

We see it as our vocation to help every child make the most of those gifts, and to teach them that whoever they are the gifts they have are essential to all of us.

The joy of seeing a child develop is the joy of seeing them open out into the full person that they have been created to be. As a Catholic school our hope is that the way of life Jesus has taught us will be one that is valued by everyone, and can be shared with anyone, without requiring them to be of any particular faith, if of any faith.

The excitement of a school’s life is the discovery of each child’s gifts, and the task of teaching them to value themselves as equal to anyone around them. To enable them to be happy about who they are, and that they have an important role in the small community of our school and amazingly for our world at large.

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